Lunch - Select 3 @ $18.97 per person - based upon minimum order quantity of 20.  For groups smaller than 20 or larger than 50 call for quote.

All Organic, Sustainable, Pastured, Grass Fed Ingredients!

Choice of Wrap/Provolone Cheese/Seasonal Vegetables ● Roast Beef Turkey Vegetarian  and Vegan options

Finger Sandwiches ● Egg vegCucumber veganCucumber/Cheese vegCheese veg

Choice of Sala

Pasta Salad vegan

Watermelon Cucumber or Heirloom Tomato Salad with Feta veggf

Mixed Green Salad with Seasonal Vegetables vegangf

Greek veggf  

Greens and Fruit with Coconut Yogurt vegangf

Mixed Greens and Arugula vegangf

Salad Sides ($2.00 per person)

● Nitrate Free Bacon & Egg gf

Pastured Organic Herb Chicken gf

Sustainable Herb Salmon gf

Dressing Options

● Balsamic & Olive Oil vegangf

● Apple Cider Vinaigrette vegangf

● Honey Mustard vegangf

Caramelized Onion Yogurt gf

Organic Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies veg

Mini Cheese Cakes with Fresh Fruit veg

Dark Chocolate Brownies veg

Daily Organic Catering - Lunch

Price: $18.97
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