If you’re like me, you like trying exotic foods. Thai is one of my favorites, but not everyone loves the levels of spice in this Southeastern Asian cuisine.  In this class, you will learn how to turn it up! or tone it down to your specific palate.  Food is about what you love to eat and how to eat it. We will provide you with simple tips to help you customize you these dishes for your tribe.   We will prepare Chicken Curry with Saffron Fragrant Rice, Chicken and Shrimp Spring Rolls and how to make Vegetable Sushi.  Finish that all off with a nice fresh seasonal fruit and Mint.



6803 E Main Street, Scottsdale, AZ


Witnessing Nature in Food @ 480.813.9065  

What you should wear:

Comfortable Shoes - a lot of standing

Comfortable Clothes - we do use aprons but doesn't mean we will not make a mess


Bring Cameras - Take Photos, Recipe, Menu and Pencils are provided for you to take notes.

Only Paid Registrations get Guaranteed Class Seating.



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